Editorial Policy

The textgoal.com and its author Daniil Shardakou are committed to publishing only reliable information about marketing, copywriting and psychology, which are based on the personal experience of the author or on the basis of other authoritative sources.

The main goals of the site

  • Form an objective and comprehensive idea of copywriting in general
  • Form a set of knowledge, skills and abilities that help anyone who wants to solve marketing problems.
  • Create a community of copywriting specialists who help each other, share experience and drive the niche forward, developing it and making the texts on the internet better.

The main formats of posts

There are two main post formats to convey the main ideas to the visitors.

  1. Text articles and notes. This format allows you to quickly address key issues, make collections of materials and make it easier to navigate the site.
  2. Video content. The video usually contains system course lessons (like this one), time-lapses of practical problem solving, as well as an analysis of other key points necessary for understanding copywriting and marketing tasks to be solved.

These formats can be supplemented with illustrations, infographics, audio tracks, and other related materials.

Author and his style

At the moment, the sole author is the founder of the project, Daniil Shardakou. His presentation style is neutral-positive, friendly, with a touch of humor.

The author tends to avoid stigmatizing language and words which can cause others to feel awkward, sad or unhappy. That’s why there are lots of topics which are avoided both by themselves and in examples. These are topics such as politics, religion, gambling, etc. In addition, any topics that in one way or another may violate the norms of morality and morality, as well as the legislation of certain countries, are also prohibited on this resource.

Editorial standards

This site and its author tend to give the audience only relevant, proven and mostly practical information, that helps to solve marketing tasks and allows to improve communication skills.

The project is open to new authors who share its ideas and wish to share their practical experience and knowledge.

General rules

  1. This site is open to all Internet users, regardless of geographic location, worldview, political or religious views.
  2. All information posted on the blog is provided as is. The author is not responsible for the result obtained by readers as a result of its use.
  3. The site prohibits profanity, as well as messages that are provocative, offensive, religious or political in nature. The blog is outside of politics and religion, so please refrain from making such statements in the comments.
  4. If you find comments that violate these rules, please contact the author of the blog, indicating the page and remark.
  5. By default, the blog uses a presumption of user integrity. However, if the content of the comment is deliberately false or serves to discredit third parties, then such comments are deleted at the request of the persons whose rights, honor and dignity are infringed.
  6. The author of the blog is not responsible for the statements of users. All user comments are an expression of their subjective evaluative opinion (including criticism), do not claim objectivity and are not subject to judicial protection, since they cannot be verified for their compliance with reality. If a comment violates the law, it must be removed.
  7. All disagreements are resolved by blog users as part of a constructive discussion as long as it remains within the legal framework.