Cookie Policy

This website ( uses cookies in order to ensure its correct work. Cookies are small strings of data that are sent to the computer of the visitor. This data allows the site to recognize visitors’ browser to improve their interaction.

How long cookies stay

Generally this site uses two types of cookies: persistent and session.

  • Session cookies are stay on the visitor’s device only for period of browsing. They are deleted after the session is over.
  • Persistent cookies remain on the device until they are deleted or expire. The expiration time may vary, usually up to 1 year.

Subtypes of cookies

In addition to the main two types of cookies, this site uses four sub-types:

  • Necessary cookies – necessary for the correct operation of the site and improve user interaction with it.
  • Functional cookies – expand site functionality and enhance user experience.
  • Analytical cookies – are needed to collect and analyze statistical data about user actions on the site.
  • Performance cookies – used to understand key perfomance indicators of the site.
  • Advertisement cookies are cookies of various social platforms, pixels, etc., which allow for a more thorough analysis of users and advertising campaigns within the site or social platforms.

By default this website uses only cookies that are needed for the correct operation of the WordPress and Google Analytics systems. Plus, various WordPress plugins, such as All in One SEO pack may use their own cookies as well.

Necessary WordPress cookies

Here’s the list of necessary cookies, which cannot be turned off, because the correct site work depends on them.

wordpress_[hash]Allows authentication details on login.
wordpress_logged_in_[hash]Allows to check whether user logged in or not.
wordpress_test_cookieAllows to check the cookies availability in the user’s browser.
wp-settings-{time}-[UID]Allows to customize the view for the particular user.
comment_author_[hash]Allows to remember the user’s name filled in the corresponding field in the comment form.
comment_author_email_[hash]Allows to remember value in the email field of the comment form.
comment_author_url_[hash]Allows to remember the user’s URL in the corresponding field of the comment form.

How to turn cookies off

In order to use the site, visitors may not accept all the cookies. But its rejection may result in the incorrect operation and loss of data. More info about data and privacy is here.

GDPR compliance

According to Art. 6(1)(a) of GDPR for users from EU cookies are used under their consent. To ensure such consent, the site uses a special pop-up widget. The widget by itself may also use its own cookies that fall under the functional cookies category.

This site also prioritize plugins that are GDPR ready in order to fully comply with the requirements of the regulation


If you have any questions about cookies or used data, feel free to contact the website author.