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Dan Shardakou (Author)
Dan Shardakou (Author)

Hello everyone! My name is Dan Shardakou. I am an engineer, copywriter, internet marketer, lecturer and director of the Institute of Business Communications. Since 2019, I have also become a non-fiction writer (AST Publishing House released my first book, “Copywriting from Zero”), which seems to have even become a bestseller. After that I published two more books about content marketing and SMM copywriting. Initially they are written in Russian, but I want to translate and adapt them into English as well.


I have been working as a copywriter and copywriting teacher for more than 12 years (since 2011). In 2011-2012 I also worked as the head of the copywriting department for a large digital agency. Since 2012 I have my own practice.

I have created 7 free and systemic courses on YouTube in Russian segment and I’m going to improve and adapt them for the English audience as well. That’s why I founded this blog and this YouTube channel.

By the way, I have already launched the first adapted and improved course, “Copywriting from Zero in 30 days”. Here’s the page with its lessons.


I graduated from the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics with a degree in Electronic Information Security, then a master’s degree in the related specialty “Technical Information Security”.

I started studying marketing and copywriting while working in a science lab after university. Then the idea came to combine engineering and copywriting. The result is an approach that I want to share with you in articles and lessons on this blog. Hope you will enjoy them. Feel free to ask any questions.

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