About the project textgoal.com

Textgoal.com is a blog about copywriting with free courses, lessons and templates. It was created in May 2022 by copywriter and copywriting teacher Dan Shardakou.

The main goal of the project

The main goal of the blog is to make copywriting accessible to everyone, regardless of location and income level. That is why all the materials and courses on the blog are free. Moreover, many of them are not only not inferior, but also superior to paid analogues on the Internet.

After studying these courses, articles and posts, anyone can build a system of knowledge and skills to solve commercial problems from the simplest (for example, writing an ad for contextual advertising) to the most complex (for example, creating and debugging a sales funnel for active sales). We consider all these aspects in detail with illustrative examples.

Who is this project for?

First of all, this project was created for novice copywriters who are just at the start of their journey and do not know where and how to start. But the same knowledge and skills will be useful to entrepreneurs, marketers, PR specialists and others who want to increase the effectiveness of communication, be more persuasive, and generally better understand other people.

Where to start

If you are completely new to copywriting, the best place to start is with the free course “Copywriting From Zero in 30 Days”. It provides the necessary base, which can then be effectively supplemented with articles and other materials from the blog.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them using any convenient communication channel:

Telegram (preferred): @dshardakov
Email: dan@shardakov.ru