7 Signs You Are a Professional Copywriter

The word “professional copywriter” here means first of all the approach. Even if you are just starting out in copywriting, you can still be a professional because attitude to business is constant, and knowledge and experience will catch up with time.

1. You work at the level of tasks, not texts

If you do not count signs to determine the amount of income, do not write text for the sake of copy and understand that the material is not a goal, but only a means to solve a task, then you are already very different from 99% of other authors, because you work at the level of problems and solutions. This is characteristic only of professionals.

2. You conduct market analysis before writing the copy

If you do not immediately rush to write a text, but preliminarily evaluate the task, collect initial data, see the realism of the solution and its expediency, and conduct a basic market analysis, then you have a clearly professional approach. By the way, about how to conduct such an analysis, we analyze in detail in this lesson. Check it out!

3. You tell the clients what to do and how to do it, not vice versa

If you do not expect detailed terms of reference from the clients, but offer them options on how and what to do better, as well as describe the risks, consequences and prospects, then you definitely position yourself as a professional and a good adviser. You are also a good manipulator, because you transfer the responsibility for the choice to the clients themselves.

4. You work not only for clients, but also for yourself

Customers are good because they pay money, but there is one big problem: clients come and go, and then you have to start all over again. It’s like filling a bottomless barrel. Indeed, experience accumulates, but nothing material remains, and this is sad. That’s why when you work not only for clients, but also for yourself, and spend at least 10% of your time on your own projects, then this is a sign of professionalism. Plus, it’s a great way to build self-esteem and earn passive income.

5. You are constantly evolving as a professional copywriter

Many copywriters get hung up on rewriting texts. They may consider that this is temporary, but years pass, and the situation does not change, and they cannot move to a new level, because they do not have the necessary knowledge and skills. If you constantly learn something new (directions, tools, techniques), then you will not only grow, but also reliably protect yourself from the Dunning-Kruger effect, which is often experienced by people who have been doing the same job for years.

6. You work on yourself and your fears

Often people ask: “Where to find clients?”. But the question is strange, because the copywriter’s clients are businesses and entrepreneurs. And business, if you look around, is everywhere: firms, points of sale, advertising agencies, etc. The problem of this issue is different: a person is afraid to take the initiative and get to know and communicate with people. Therefore, such a copywriter is looking for forums and platforms where customers already exist and give tasks. And that’s the problem. If you work on yourself, learn to cope with fear, not be afraid of rejection and take the first step, then this is the path of a professional.

7. You focus on critical thinking

Not to take a word, double-check information, check compliance with common sense – these are not only additional guarantees for solving a problem, but also a powerful lever for the development of new neural connections. Plus, it is a reliable protection against deception, which is never superfluous. Professionals are always questioning information and looking for evidence. If you are too, then you have a professional approach.

So, we looked at 7 key features of a professional copywriter. How many of them do you have and which ones?

Best regards, Dan.

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