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Hello! My name is Dan, and I’d like to share my copywriting experience with you. All the information you’ll find on this site is practical and includes illustrative examples. Moreover, it is based on modern neurophysiology and psychology researches. Feel free to use it and make your copy stronger!

Useful articles for novice copywriters

25 ways to make money with copywriting

The starting point for any novice copywriter is to know how to make money with copywriting. This article provides a clear and straightforward answer to that question.

Seven reasons to study copywriting

7 strong reasons to study copywriting anyway

Whatever you do, there are at least seven good reasons to learn copywriting in order to succeed in any professional area and life. We’ll talk about them in detail in this post.

10 copywriter skills you should learn to succeed

There are at least ten skills that every aspiring copywriter must develop in order to succeed. These skills are universal and help a lot in any field, not just in copywriting.